06. Sep 2023

New functionality allows Aneo Build to control devices using one system

In 2022, SafeBase entered into an agreement with Aneo Build (formerly Ohmia Construction) to tailor SafeMon to monitor mobile chargers for the construction industry. Now, SafeMon is under further development with the goal of allowing Aneo Build control of the devices directly from SafeMon.

The additional advancements of the application will ensure that Aneo Build can control all its devices directly through SafeMon. In doing so, the company will have fewer platforms to operate and thus a better overview.

— As per today, we must log in to the system of the unit suppliers in order to technically manage them. That leaves us with too many platforms and systems to realistically handle, when we ideally want to use SafeMon for everything from management to monitoring, says Morten Kjøren, Technical Manager at Aneo Build.

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Full management and control with SafeMon

Aneo Build supplies containers with integrated grid batteries and quick-charging stations for construction machinery. The containers work by connection to a transformer or grid station where they draw electricity from and charge the batteries to avoid overloading the grid. Additionally, you may choose to power your construction machines by quick-charging.

— Our customers depend on 100% uptime for their charging solutions and demand operational safety. With monitoring in SafeMon, we have gained an overview of all events that can affect the uptime, says Morten.

Cost-effective power draw

Aneo Build wants more additional functions, where some of them have already launched. For example, a new function is the automatic control of the power that the batteries draw. When using AI, the power draw is based on the electricity price.

— Our AI system works based on prioritization, so that we avoid situations where we lack power to charge the machines. Otherwise, the most power is drawn when the electricity price is at its lowest.

We thank Aneo Build for the trust and cooperation – and look forward to delivering new functionalities!