Smart Meter Management System

Finds the cause of the anomaly

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Take full control over all the meters in your network

Smart Meter Management System is an application that finds the cause behind smart meter malfunctions. We have experience from monitoring more than 250,000 measuring points – and we make sure all meters are functioning the way they are supposed to. If a meter is not working properly, you will get a notification – and the cause.

With complete insight into all meters, and assurance that each meter is submitting accurate consumption metrics, Smart Meter Management System streamlines the business aspect of your operations.

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Our software ensures that you comply with the requirement of maintaining a collection percentage of 99.5 %. We do not only monitor the accuracy of the meters – we also monitor how quickly the metrics are transferred.

We provide you with a sorted overview of which meters need your attention, to ensure satisfaction from both the grid company and the end customer.

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Deep dive into causes, error notifications and anomalies

SafeMon Smart Meter Insight processes data and provides insight into quality – and SafeMon Smart Meter Management System is the foundation that ensures that your meters provide you with the data you need to get insight into quality.

Delivered as a SaaS

We do not believe in locking data into a single provider. Smart Meter Management System is delivered as a SaaS with an API, so that SafeMon can create added value in other systems you use as well.

“We help customers in the energy segment with the collection and analysis of their data, which, in turn, provides them with good decision support.”

Frode Johansen, Development Manager Energy