Smart Meter Insight 

Exploit your capacity – make the right investment

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Smart Meter Insight gives you complete grid insight, enabling you to exploit your capacity, deliver enhanced quality and make the right investments. That’s what we call proactive management. Read more about how the solution works by downloading our whitepaper – we’ll send it directly to your inbox!

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Proactive grid management

SafeMon gives you the insight you need for proactive management.

Proactive management means identifying problems before they occur – always staying one step ahead. You can do this by maximizing the utility of the data already in your grid.

Safebase customers have improved their Smart Meter Insight using SafeMon. Fagne chose SafeMon in order to safely introduce new IT systems. Others have tailored versions of SafeMon, such as Aneo who utilizes SafeMon to proactively monitor mobile chargers.

Illustration of proactive grid management in Norway.

Key functions

We compile data from smart meters and grid station monitors in the SafeMon dashboard. SafeMon was designed to help you gain the insight you need by:

  • identifying too high or too low voltage – preventing damage to equipment and eliminating fire hazards
  • identifying ground faults – we prioritize the most serious ground faults first
  • identifying unusually high temperatures, which may cause equipment to fail and reduce the service life of the equipment
  • prioritizing error management – the most serious errors are handled first
  • reducing the time spent on manual troubleshooting
  • estimating remaining service life of equipment
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Benefits of SafeMon

SafeMon provides turnkey Substation Monitoring in accordance with REN 6025 and Smart Meter Insight in accordance with REN 4021.

  • Browser access on smartphones and computers
  • High-resolution time series – do a data deep dive
  • Real-time data – new data collected every 30 seconds
  • Drag’n’drop: Simple customization of graph types
  • Save findings and analyses: Add comments and markers to data points
  • Dive deep: Zoom in on time series with immediate response
  • Interactivity: Markers move the same across all dashboard modules
  • Speed: Fast loading of graphs and data
  • Customization: Manage roles and user levels yourself
  • Data integrity: Potential sources of errors are indicated or rectified

“We help clients in the energy segment with the collection and analysis of their data, which, in turn, provides them with good decision support. We recommend all grid companies to combine grid utility metrics with advanced grid station monitoring – you will be in full control and prepared for any problems that may occur.”

Frode Johansen, Development Manager Energy