This is SafeBase

SafeBase is focused on providing insight, control and an overview of complex infrastructure. Decision support is provided through collecting, interpreting, storing and visualizing data.

Our philosophy

We believe that data is an important resource, one that is significantly underutilized. Important resources must be treated with respect and integrity. That is why we are actively opposed to data being locked in by software vendors. Our systems are open, enabling added value with other software systems.

What you get

We turn sensor and measurement data from your operations into decision support, enabling you to improve your operations. The SafeMon technology platform is a top system that collects, normalizes and presents information from a range of other software systems, and is a dashboard for data displayed exclusively in SafeMon.

SafeMon covers everything from robotizing event registration, including measures required to respond and automatic alerts and alarms, to enriching and visualizing complex data sets – and much else.

If your infrastructure is spread over a large geographical area, with complex information from many units generating data, SafeBase will help transform troublesome data volumes into operational benefits.


Important resources must be protected. For data, this means that they are encrypted and stored safely and securely. We meet all applicable requirements for privacy and data security. We also use cluster technology and tier 3 data centers to be sure that your data is always available, but never compromised.

SafeMon data policy

– All data is 100% owned by you!

– Data is unlocked from other systems!

– SafeMon is designed to share data with other systems!


As technology enthusiasts, we are at the forefront of technological development in those sectors that are important to our business. Internet-of-Things, Big data analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence are technologies that are constantly changing and improving. The SafeMon architecture is designed to be technology independent, allowing us to maximize the benefits of rapid technological development in the industry.

Tell us how we can help you, and we’ll contact you.