Power Line and Cable Monitoring System

SafeMon Power Line and Cable Monitoring System reduces bottle necks in the grid and cuts costs, allowing dynamic line rating.

Dynamisk Kapasitet

Power Line and Cable Monitoring System (in Norwegian)

Delve into the research behind today’s conservative maximum transmission capacity ratings for power lines and cables, and discover how SafeMon help you exploit the true capacity.

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Power grid bottle necks lead to an increased risk of errors, and consumers pay the price

In many places, the electrification of society leads to increasing power requirements in the grid, making it challenging to transmit enough power from producer to consumer. The electrification also generates new load patterns, all the way out to the outer points of the low voltage grid.

Already, new, green industrial projects have been put on hold, because it’s impossible to achieve sufficient output. Another problem is unnecessarily high energy prices, because the output cannot be provided by the cheapest producer.

With dynamic line and cable capacity control and insight in real-time, you have everything you need to make good decisions – enabling you to transfer more power from where it is cheapest to produce to where it is needed most.

Facsimile: Enerwe, Europower, NVE, Energi og klima, E24 and Statkraft.

What is dynamic line rating?

By imposing a static maximum rating on transmission lines, based on the limit being acceptable in any weather condition, a lot of the actual capacity remains unutilized. Dynamic line rating (DLR) increase transmission capacity by monitoring various factors, like weather, ambient temperature and line or cable temperature, to tell you when to transmit more power than the static maximum rating dictates.

SafeMon provides real-time status of the actual capacity of underground cables and transmission lines – so that you can transmit more energy, risk free.

Person installing dynamic line rating

Dynamic Line Rating in SafeMon

SafeMon combine our solutions for Smart Meter Management System, Substation Monitoring and Control System, and Power Line and Cable Monitoring System. Together, these services become a comprehensive solution that provide you with an overview of, insight into and control over major lines – all the way out to each individual smart meter.

SafeMon includes both hardware, such as our proprietary SensorHub and other supported units, and software, where we present large quantities of data in a user-friendly dashboard. We deliver software as a SaaS solution.

Model shows transmitted output (green), static maximum rating (yellow) and actual capacity (blue).

Dynamic line rating i Safemon. Illustration.


  • Minimizes strain on transmission lines by tracking actual capacity.
  • Avoid unnecessary expansion of line networks – reduce costs.
  • Facilitate for connection of distributed energy production, such as wind or solar power.
  • Reduced costs for end users.
  • Receive real time notifications.
  • Increased control – overview of and insights into the line and cable network.

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