Explore the technology behind our applications! Download a free whitepaper; all documents are gathered on this site. Most whitepapers are unfortunately only available in Norwegian, with the exception of the SmartSite whitepaper.

En kvinne og en mann ser på et dokument sammen. De sitter på møterommet i SafeBase sine lokaler.

Power Line and Cable Monitoring System

Read this whitepaper for a deep dive into the research behind today’s conservative maximum transmission capacity ratings for lines and cables and learn more about how our Power Line and Cable Monitoring System can help you exploit the true capacity.

Language: Norwegian.

Whitepaper nedlastinger LKO

Substation Monitoring and Control System

Substation Monitoring and Control System gives you insight, control and overview into complex infrastructure. Work smarter than what is required!

Language: Norwegian.

Whitepaper nedlastinger ANSO

Mockup av whitepaper for SafeMon Linje- og kabelovervåking. Bilde

Smart Meter Insight 

Smart Meter Insight gives you complete grid insight, so that you can exploit your capacity, deliver enhanced quality and make the right investments. That’s what we call proactive management.

Language: Norwegian.

Whitepaper nedlastinger Nettnytte



Our tailored application for the telecom industry, providing operators with 24/7 remote access to sites. SmartSite is adjustable to several industries, such as the construction industry.

Language: English.

Whitepaper nedlastinger SmartSite ENG