11. Jul 2022

New agreement: Will use SafeMon to electrify the construction industry

SafeMon is now being tailored to fit Ohmia Construction. Ohmia Construction supplies mobile containers for charging construction machinery and will use SafeMon to achieve better operational control and decision-making support. The agreement allows Ohmia to have more reliable charging facilities and can optimize power transmission from the grid company.

Safebase Ohima Construction

“SafeMon has a very good user interface and SafeBase already has customers with similar needs as ours. SafeMon therefore requires minimal development for it to work for us, and with many good reference customers it was easy for us to choose SafeBase,” says Morten Kjøren, Technical Manager at Ohmia Construction.

Ohmias Mobile Fast Charging Solution

To avoid overloading the mains when charging electrical machinery, Ohmia supplies containers with integrated batteries and fast charging solutions. The containers are connected to a nearby transformer or substation, and the integrated battery is constantly charged so that the construction machines can be quickly charged to ensure optimal utilization of operating time.


Helping the construction industry get through the green transition

New requirements from the authorities require construction sites to be emission-free by 2030.  Several municipalities have chosen to set the deadline as early as 2025. Ohmia Construction intends to be an electrification partner for players in the construction industry when the green transition arrives at the machine park in earnest.

“We supply mobile fast charging solutions in the form of containers with batteries that help to operate an electric construction site. By storing the energy in the containers, we can fast-charge construction machinery without affecting the grid to a great extent. The system operators then avoid having to make major construction for temporary construction sites, and our customers avoid making unnecessary investments,” explains Tora Hansen, Head of Strategy and Business Development at Ohmia Construction.

In 2022, Ohmia Construction will scale up the number of units in operation. They will then need a holistic monitoring system on a single platform.

elektrifisere bygg- og anleggsbransjen

Crucial with 100% uptime

For Ohmia’s customers, it is crucial that the charging solution is reliable since the construction site must be able to be in operation all the time. The container units that charge the fleet must thereby also be in operation – continuously.

“With SafeMon as our monitoring system, we will quickly get an overview of incidents or alarms across the units. In addition, we will get added value from the data that we report to customers, such as their consumption patterns and reduction in CO2 emissions.”

Smart battery management

Hansen also envisions SafeMon helping them draw power in a smarter way.

“The containers connect to a transformer or substation and draw power continuously to ensure that the battery has the capacity to quickly charge large machines at all times. With SafeMon, we will optimize this part of our operations by gaining insight into which times it is most beneficial to draw power from the grid, thus providing more affordable electricity to our customers – and avoiding excessive loading of the grid,” concludes Hansen.

The development work of tailoring SafeMon to fit Ohmia Construction has begun and will be completed in spring 2022. We are thankful for the assignment and look forward to contributing towards emission-free construction sites.