Substation Monitoring and Control System

Decision support for increased service life and improved operational reliability.

Illustrasjon av brukergrensesnittet i SafeMon Nettstasjonsovervåking. Bildet viser en PC og mobil-skjerm.

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Our Substation Monitoring and Control System gives you insight, control and overview into complex infrastructure. Read more about the solution, by downloading the whitepaper – we will e-mail it to you!

Whitepaper nedlastinger ANSO

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High-resolution measurements in real-time (30 sec.)




Phase – Phase voltages

Phase – Ground voltages

Phase currents

Active and reactive effect

Room temperature

Oil temperature

Weather station

REN 6025 alarms




Ground fault

Voltage disruption

Phase disruption

Voltage variation

Voltage asymmetry

Over and under voltage

Voltage surge


Overharmonic THD

Overharmonic individual





Network voltage

Transformer load

Transformer temperature

Room temperature

Battery voltage*

Oil level*

Oil pressure*

Zero-point protection

Communication monitoring

* with Ecosmart





Ground fault report

Load report

Voltage report

THD report

API for third-party system data exchange

What is Advanced Substation Monitoring?

Advanced Substation Monitoring is, as implied by the name, a continuation of ordinary Substation Monitoring. While the authority-required network station monitoring demands ground fault monitoring, ground fault monitoring is only a small part of Advanced Substation Monitoring.

Advanced Substation Monitoring gives you insight, control and an overview of everything from the network station’s load, the quality of incoming power – and everything else that can be measured by a sensor.

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Nærbilde av en sensor som er utviklet av SafeBase. Farger i bildet: Grønn og oransj.

Access your data in a web browser on mobile and computer

In SafeMon, you always have access to data from your network stations – on you mobile, tablet or desktop computer. No application and no cumbersome installation processes needed. Just your username and password – and you’re good to go.

En ansatt peker på en stor skjerm som viser frem alle applikasjonene i SafeMon, blant annet NSO.

High-resolution time series

In the web portal, you always have the overview – and if you want to dig down into the data, feel free to dig, dig, and dig even more! In SafeMon, you can look back at a specific time of the year, month, week, day and even hour.

Høyoppløselige tidsserier i SafeMon. Bilde.

Real-time data

New data is retrieved at least every 30th second. This means that your data is always up to date. Real-time data is useful, both at the main office and for your field technicians – who can see, for instance, whether or not ground faults improve or worsen when performing adjustments during a customer visit.

Sanntidsdata i SafeMon. Bilde.

Increase the service life of transformer and other equipment

In SafeMon, you get access to data from your network stations, in a meaningful way that allows you to increase the service life of your infrastructure. By utilizing the insight from SafeMon, you can make better decisions and proactive choices regarding maintenance and upgrades – and know when a transformer actually needs to be replaced.

Høyoppløselige tidsserier i SafeMon. Bilde.

Avoid downtime

It’s not just the service life of technical equipment that gets better with Substation Monitoring and Control System. Since you have alarms, alerts, real-time data and historical data in SafeMon, you can anticipate and prevent downtime – and react quickly when it occurs.

(To watch a demonstration, press one of the video clips below)

  • Drag ‘n drop: Change style as needed
  • Examine: Zoom in on time series with immediate response
  • Synchronized: Cursors are synchronized across modules in the dashboard
  • Responsive: Fast loading of all graphs and data
  • Save findings and analyze: Post comments and markers on data points
  • Alarms: Alerts can be sent by text message and email
  • Role-based access: Manage roles and user levels