Remote access to infrastructure from large geographical areas

Remote monitoring

SmartSite allows you to monitor all your sources of data simultaneously, and provides real-time supervision and decision support. Data from hundreds of sites – and thousands of sensors – is analyzed and visualized, in accordance with the needs of different user groups.

SmartSite is used by

  • The Energy industry
  • The telecom industry
  • The construction industry
operational intelligence

Decision support

By gathering all operationally critical data in one system, you will always be in control – and able to make informed decisions. Today, more than ten thousand sites spead across Norway is remotely monitored by SmartSite.

Real time data

By default, our software transmits data every 30 seconds, including minimum, maximum and average meter values. For critical events such as open door or short circuit, the data is transmitted immediately.

  • Browser access on smartphones and computers
  • High-resolution time series – Option of detailed metrics up to a resolution of 1 second
  • Real-time data – metrics are collected every 30 seconds
  • Drag’n’drop: Simple customization of graph types and dashboard set-up
  • Interaction: Save findings and analyses with comments and markers in time series
  • Dive deep: Zoom in on time series with immediate response
  • Interactivity: Markers move the same across all dashboard modules
  • Speed: Lightning fast loading of graphs and data
  • Security: Manage roles and user levels yourself

SensorHub RTU

SafeMon SensorHub RTU is an integral part of our remote monitoring system. It is part of our SmartSite solution for the telecom industry, as well as our substation monitoring and smart-grid solutions for the energy industry.

“We believe that grid operators should be able to use our applications without needing complex user manuals. Our newest software design will make it even easier to start using SafeMon, from day one.”

Lars Erik Gjervan, CEO