Trollstigen web

SafeBase delivery to Norway’s first off-grid mobile site operating on 100% renewable energy

The protected area around the tourist attraction Trollstigen has finally received mobile coverage. Atop the mountain, Telia has done the impossible – built a base station powered by solar and wind energy, without backup diesel generators. Remote monitoring is crucial for smooth operations in such remote locations,. Our telecom-adapted SmartSite solution make sure remote monitoring is handled.

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Jan Ødegård, Lars Erik Gjervan

Growth in all areas in 2020 – even better delivery in 2021

2020 was a year we will remember for many reasons, some of them being growth and investments for us at SafeBase. As we summarize the year and look forward towards 2021, with CEO Lars Erik Gjervan and COO Jan Ødegård, keywords are steady growth, fast rollout of features, new markets, and ever-improving operational intelligence for our customers.

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Meet the telecom team behind Telia’s 5G expansion

Telia is in the process of rolling out its 5G network, which, among other things, will give users faster cellular data speeds and better mobile services. In the AI Village, Simen, Peter, Rolf-Arne and Trond from SafeBase monitor the status of this new network as it is rolled out.

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Proactive operations: Why it is profitable, and how it is possible

The right kind of monitoring of your distribution network will allow you to be proactive and sustainable in your operations — always ready for any challenge or opportunity. In order to stay one step ahead of the curve, you need real-time status updates for your entire network — which in turn require real-time monitoring and presentation of vast quantities of data.

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Telia: — SafeMon gives us the competitive edge

Telia depends on SafeMon to deliver the best mobile network in Norway. “With SafeMon, we can monitor virtually every single element in our mobile network. This means we are able to take action immediately when something happens — sometimes even before problems arise,” said Bjørn Tore Gullord, Telia Norway’s Head of Operational Control.

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