18. Mar 2024

— Significant Customer Cost Reductions

A new Safebase tradition has emerged, outlining a summary of the preceding year complimented with our thoughts on the year about to unfold. As we summarize 2023, our tenth year of operation, we are looking back at a year characterized by new employees and substantial growth in both the energy- and telecom industries. For 2024, we aim to expand the application portfolio for our energy customers while acquiring additional collaboration leads in the telecom industry.

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29. Nov 2023

Røros E-verk Trials Three Alternatives for Even Voltage

Less than 1% of Røros’ grid customers have private solar cells. Despite this low percentage, Røros E-verk has experienced that households with solar cell systems often create disturbances and difficulties in keeping the voltage level even and within the Norwegian FOL limits. To combat this challenge, Røros E-verk has trialed various solutions.

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02. Oct 2023

Voltage Regulation Using an Automatic On-Load Tap-Changers

In recent years, employees in the Norwegian low-voltage grid have encountered a recurring struggle. The voltage from the transformer to the consumer has been too low to properly function. However, with the introduction of solar panels, grid employees now face an issue of the opposite nature: An increasing amount of users experience voltage reaching higher levels than anticipated.

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28. Sep 2023

SafeMon Halves Costs Related to Error Correction

At Tensio, Measurement Manager Rune Morten Myrhaug and Operations Planner Erik Lund have adopted SafeMon for voltage monitoring, leading to more efficient operations and major cost savings. A huge plus for both the grid company and their customers.

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22. Sep 2023

Grid Company Fagne chooses SafeMon

The Power Supply Preparedness Regulation require Risk and Vulnerability analyses (RVA) when new IT systems are to be introduced. SafeBase has assisted Fagne in the planning stage – which resulted in the grid company choosing SafeMon.

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18. Sep 2023

Economic Top-Grade for SafeBase

SafeBase is experiencing steady bottom-line growth for the tenth year in a row and is awarded an AAA credit rating from Dun & Bradstreet. — Safebase is not a passing phenomenon. We will be here in ten, fifteen, twenty years – and well into the future, says CEO Lars Erik Gjervan.

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