22. Sep 2023

Grid Company Fagne chooses SafeMon

The Power Supply Preparedness Regulation require Risk and Vulnerability analyses (RVA) when new IT systems are to be introduced. SafeBase has assisted Fagne in the planning stage – which resulted in the grid company choosing SafeMon.

Tommy Haugan is IT Security Manager in the management group that owns Fagne. He is responsible for information security and was at the forefront during the RVA.

— We work based on predefined unwanted events that may occur during the introduction of a new IT system. When we map the probability of these events occurring, it is practical to include the supplier. By doing so, we save time on potential clarifications while avoiding misunderstandings, Haugan explains.

Better Quality of Implementation

The assistance from SafeBase included a thorough presentation of the technology, from Safemon’s technical architecture to its user interface.

— We received useful advice from SafeBase during the RVA. It was very helpful to have them on the team. After completing this analysis, it is obvious that a thorough risk assessment results in a significantly better quality of system implementation, continues Haugan.

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— We have substantial experience with information security and authorized access to information. After obtaining ISO certification earlier this year, the process of assuring that we comply with the principles is much simpler. Our customers can be sure that we adhere to legislation and directives in the best possible way, says CEO of SafeBase, Lars Erik Gjervan.

Implementing Advanced Substation Monitoring

SafeMon passed the RVA at Fagne and is now working on rolling out the SafeMon Advanced Substation Monitoring and Control System.

— We have already sent several batches of SensorHubs to Fagne. Duringthe month of May, we even organized an introduction course for the installers at Fagne.

We welcome Fagne to SafeMon, thank you for your trust!