Insight and control over complicated infrastructure

SafeMon® allows you to monitor all your sources of data simultaneously, and provides real-time supervision and decision support. Data from hundreds of sites – and thousands of sensors – is analyzed and visualized, in accordance with the needs of different user groups.

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Lean more about how our technology provides insight, control and an overview of complex infrastructure and remote mobile sites. We simply call it SmartSite.

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Complete overview

SafeMon® SensorHub supports almost any type of sensor. If your sensor is not supported, we will add it. This allows SafeMon® to interact with, and track data from thousands of sensors – everything from battery temperature, humidity and unexpected power surges, to whether or not a door is open.


Whether your base stations are located in crowded cities, the rural countryside or atop inaccessible mountains – or all of the above – our technology allows you to always be in control of their operational standard.

Read more about our delivery of Norway’s first off-grid mobile site with 100% renewable energy >

Access and functionality adapted to the role of the user

By assigning user levels and roles SafeMon® can give everyone in your organization the full overview and understanding of the current status of your whole network, or just the information they need to complete their job efficiently.

In Safe Hands

Separating business critical information from the noise in a high-volume data stream requires a lot of domain-specific knowledge; knowledge that must be gained from experience.

Since our inception, SafeMon® has evolved and adapted based on our profound understanding and experience from the telecom- and power industry.

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Never stop evolving

With weekly updates, SafeMon® never stops evolving – and neither should you. We continuously adapt our hardware and software to match industry standards and needs.

What will the future bring?

SafeMon® is constantly learning and adapting to discover patterns and trends – trends that could indicate problems in the future.

With predictive operational intelligence, SafeMon® allows you to make better decisions, based on better and more reliable information, confidently driving you and your company towards a smarter and more sustainable future.

See SafeMon® in action

Regardless of which system your data is coming from, you always have full access to all your information through SafeMon® Telecom.
Gathering critical information from hundreds of sites, accessing it in one place, allows you to make better decision – based on multi-site operational intelligence.

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  • Drag ‘n drop: Adapt your user interface and visualize data according to your needs
  • Create reports: Add comments and mark important discoveries
  • Dig in: Zoom in to explore details
  • Synchronization: Synchronize the marker across all UI modules
  • No waiting: Instant loading of graphs and data, with uploaded information within three seconds. That’s a promise.
  • Adaptive: Set roles and user levels to customize who sees what
  • Data integrity: Highlights or corrects potential sources of error