30. Nov 2023

New Employees at SafeBase – The Developers Behind SafeMon

Several new contract signings of significant sizes have resulted in company growth over the past year. Safebase has also grown in our number of employees – currently counting a total of 27 colleagues in our premises.

At the beginning of November, we celebrated four new, permanent employees to our development team, the employment of three new members in our operations unit, and three new consultants from Experis.

Four New Software Developers

SafeBase has, on several occasions, hired consultants from Experis, with the opportunity of a permanent employment contract after one year of Safebase work experience. For the past year, the software developers Hanna, Sander, Line and Sindre have filled the roles of consultants – but on November 1st they all signed their permanent employment contract.

— So far, we have employed all consultants coming from Experis. We are very satisfied with the process as Experis connects us with pleasant colleagues carrying the right expertise, says Safebase CEO Lars Erik Gjervan.

The software developers work with SafeMon, both frontend and backend. Their work involves developing new functionalities within decision support, software maintenance, and ensuring that information is presented in an intuitive and user-friendly way.

The four developers agree on their experience so far, highlighting responsibility, professional development, and a good work environment as key points to their job satisfaction and personal fulfillment.

— It is exciting to work for a company that deals with critical information. I have improved my coding abilities and gained a much better understanding of how the electrical grid in Norway works, Sander says.

— I am looking to get solid experience with system development, which I am well on my way to get by working at Safebase. It is very pleasant to work here – there is always something fun and exciting happening, developer Hanna says.

— I am very happy with the quality of my university degree, but learning by working on something that actually matters is even better, especially in a pleasant work environment, says Sindre.

— The best thing about working here is that I get to try a lot of different things; I have learned both frontend and backend with help from talented colleagues, Line says.


Strengthening the Operations Unit

Due to significant growth, we have defined operations as its own, separate department. The team has been given a dedicated OPS room in the office premises at Pirsenteret – in which three new employees joined this summer.

Patrik Mørch Petersen and Batuhan Tiltrek are both operational engineers who completed their education this year. Brage Botten Solberg is an operations technician and was employed by SafeBase after completing his apprenticeship.

From left: Batuhan, Patrik and Brage.

— I had several job offers after my studies, but SafeBase seemed like the most exciting place to work. Now, several months later, I am still happy with the choice I made – I have been given a lot of room to develop my skills, says Patrik.

Colleague Batuhan nods. He too had several job offers after completing his studies – additionally, he wanted to return home to the city of Trondheim.

— In the beginning I was afraid that I would never be able to learn what we were doing. You are thrown into something unfamiliar, but there is always someone to help you move forward. We are a team that works to improve each other, he explains.

Brage is one of the operating technicians in SafeBase. He started his employment over the summer, after completing his apprenticeship as a computer electronics technician.

— I have learned an enormous amount in the short time I have been here.

Expertise Top-Up from Experis Academy

After offering permanent job positions to the former Experis consultants Hanna, Sander, Line and Sindre, we chose to bring in three new consultants from Experis Academy to our development team.

Håkon Fladmark Sætre, Henriette Brekke Sunde and Ask Løite are all developers who recently started working with us.

— We just started working at Safebase, and so far, everyone has been welcoming and wants to help us get started. I have a very positive impression of Safebase as a workplace, says Henriette, who receives supportive nods from Håkon and Ask.

From left: Ask, Håkon and Henriette.

— The first impression is really good, Ask confirms.

We are thrilled to welcome all our new employees!