17. Mar 2020

Telia: — SafeMon gives us the competitive edge

Telia depends on SafeMon to deliver the best mobile network in Norway. “With SafeMon, we can monitor virtually every single element in our mobile network. This means we are able to take action immediately when something happens — sometimes even before problems arise,” said Bjørn Tore Gullord, Telia Norway’s Head of Operational Control.

Telia uses SafeMon to ensure top quality in the mobile network.

“Technicians, customer service personnel and administrators have personalized access, providing them with the specialized information they need to maintain and improve network quality.”

Specific competitive advantage

“SafeMon is one of our most important tools for improving the quality of service to our users. We monitor volume, capacity and quality of our mobile services, even at single radio frequencies, across different technology platforms. SafeBase has found a way to display all of this information in a single dashboard, and it is giving us a significant advantage compared to competitors,” said Gullord.

“Other suppliers offer similar functionality, but we believe we have the advantage, because we get everything in one place,” he continued.

Recommended partner

“I am more than happy to recommend SafeBase to others, especially due to their very transparent policy concerning technology and data sharing. Telia’s newly employed technicians say this is something they have never experienced anywhere else — never have they seen so much information presented in a single system.”

SafeMon works like a charm, according to Gullord.

“As SafeMon is based on a SaaS (Software as a Service) model, our partnership with SafeBase is extremely dynamic. Every week we get new improvements, and we find we have an even better product than we had last week.”

Success through transparency

Gullord believes transparency is the very foundation for SafeBase being able to deliver exactly what Telia needs.

“Because transparency is a core philosophy for them, they are able to visualize everything. SafeMon chews through vast quantities of data in near real-time. SafeMon is running in circles around all other systems we use to ensure top quality in our network and puts it all together in one place. If there’s ever a time to talk about big data, the collection of data from a mobile network is it. To fully harness the power of all this data, we need to see all of the relevant information in context,” Bjørn Tore Gullord concluded.