04. May 2023

Real-time data from Elspec – a milestone for the SensorHub

The SensorHub RTU collection unit now supports more than fifty instruments and sensors – among them the advanced Elspec G4420 measuring instrument. More instruments and sensors mean that the SafeMon dashboard is filled with even more real-time data and new parameters.

Tensio has installed Elspec G4420 in both the regional and distribution grids. Typically, it takes around ten minutes to download and extract the huge amounts of data from the instrument – but with SensorHub support in place, the transmission system operator receives selected data in real time, directly into the SafeMon dashboard.

“Gathering key information in a single display is a great advantage for us. Therefore, we challenged SafeBase to integrate with Elspec and extract data in real time, as well as present the data in the same dashboard as other parameters we monitor. They took the challenge in stride and delivered a setup a week later,” says Rune Paulsen, Head of Grid Development and Grid Strategy at Tensio AS.

Cracked the code for the Elspec G4420

The real-time monitoring with data from Elspec is initially done in Lierne Municipality, where the transmission system operator has installed a battery pack to improve voltage conditions in the high-voltage grid. According to Paulsen, it is important to see real-time data when making changes – such as reconnections.

“Without real-time data from Elspec, it takes us up to ten minutes to make the measurements available. That delay is unfavourable should incidents occur. Real-time data gives the instruments a different use value than we have had before.

Rune believes it is an advantage that SafeMon can easily be connected to many different instruments. Now that the “code has been cracked” for one Elspec instrument, it is easy to recreate the connection on multiple instruments, should the transmission system operator wish to do so.

“Over time, we will test new types of sensors and instruments; Common to them is that they have their own web interfaces and software solutions, and we need solutions that can be integrated with a common platform. SafeBase is very good at connecting this type of information – from different sources – and displaying it in the same dashboard. That is valuable.

Milestone: Supports more than 50 instruments

The unique orange box is constantly being developed and has recently passed fifty supported sensors and instruments. In addition, we develop solutions on request.

“Rapid developments are costly, of course, but that is how we approach the problems customers present us with. It is the customers’ needs that are the driving force in how we develop the technology,” says Frode Johansen of SafeBase.

You can find examples of instruments and sensors we support here (In Norwegian). Are you wondering if we support your instrument or if we can create support? Send us a message!