27. Mar 2023

Yet another grid company has opted for insulation monitoring from SafeBase

Røros E-verk recently signed a contract with us for insulation monitoring of their 1000V grid stations.

The interest in turnkey solutions for insulation monitoring has increased since REN 9116 introduced new requirements for 1000 V grid stations. These requirements are mandatory for all companies – large and small.

Supports more modules than other solutions

Røros E-verk is responsible for the power supply in the Municipality of Røros. In addition to the vibrant cultural heritage site Røros Mining Town, the Municipality of Røros also has two factories, producing furniture and electronics, in addition to a wide range of other energy-intensive industry activity. In total, the grid company has almost seven thousand customers.

As a former SafeBase pilot customer, Røros E-verk did not hesitate when the insulation monitoring requirement for 1000V grid stations was introduced.

“Our experiences with SafeBase were very good. In addition, their technology is compatible with a bunch of modules we know from experience that other software is not,” says Production Engineer Martin Nymoen with Røros E-verk.

Insulation monitoring from SafeBase:

  • Complete phase-ground insulation monitoring for 1000V IT networks.
  • The solution is delivered installed on a mounting plate or connected to a grid station.
  • Turnkey set-up in SafeMon with a user-friendly and organized dashboard.

Insulation monitoring is typically used where 230V is transformed to 1000V for overhead transmission and then down again to 230V for end customer distribution.

“The solution can also be delivered with on-ground transformer stations. This does not require mast access, and you will only need one technician to do the annual inspection – which makes the work even more cost-effective,” says Frode Johansen in SafeBase.

Roll-out underway

Nymoen and his colleagues in Røros E-verk have recently installed the insulation monitoring solution in the first of ten grid stations.

“We will be installing this solution in all of the 1000V grid stations in our grid. The solution will ensure compliance with requirements, but the goal is for the solution to also provide insight into the conditions of our lines,” Nymoen says.

He looks forward to testing the solution in practice in the months to come.

“The fact that SafeBase’s technology is open and able to retrieve data from the other instruments in the grid stations is a major benefit and one of the reasons this was such an easy choice for us,” he concludes.

We would like to thank Røros E-verk for having faith in us and we look forward to working with them!