07. Oct 2022

We’ve strengthened our team to stay ahead of future needs

At SafeBase, we prefer to stay ahead of potential challenges. Recently, we’ve obtained several new clients and experienced a constant need for upgraded functionality in SafeMon. Therefore, we’ve strengthened our team with two skilled colleagues. Meet our new COO Rune Jøraanstad and developer Jonas Bergkvist Melå!

Acquiring the necessary expertise and domain knowledge about our technology and the industries we deliver solutions for takes time. Therefore, we strive to predict the future needs of our customers.

«We shall always be prepared and have enough experts on our team, to ensure we can handle any challenge our customers face – whether the challenge arise three months from now, or three years», says Lars Erik Gjervan, CEO at SafeBase.

Hires expertise from Q-Free

Rune Jøraanstad has filled the position of CCO and will oversee the commercial aspects of our business. He will also be deeply involved in our customer relationships. Rune leaves a long career with the tech company Q-Free, and looks forward to taking part in an exciting industry.

«The ever-increasing need for more electricity is a global trend, and the solutions do not necessarily lie only in development or increased electricity production based on hydropower. Society must look at the possibilities for increasing capacity in the existing network, in combination with alternative production methods, storage and flexibility», says Jøraandstad.

Rune Jøraanstad, CCO at SafeBase.

Recruiting young talents

Jonas Melå has completed higher education and undergone Experis Academy’s Graduate Program, where young talents develop their skills even further. Here, he acquired in-depth knowledge of programming, which is important for SafeBase.

“I’ve worked as a front-end developer since April, and as I learn more about the applications and technology, I get to work more with the backend,” says Jonas, who finds it very exciting to visualize socially critical data.

«I enjoy the fact that we are not a large corporation. As a new employee at SafeBase, there’s a low threshold for voicing your opinions and give input».

Jonas Melå, developer at SafeBase.