11. Jul 2022

Telia sees new opportunities with SafeBase technology at its base stations

As Norway’s biggest challenger, Telia is at the forefront when sustainable and flexible solutions that maximise the utilisation of the equipment and capacity of the base stations, are put into use. Two years after SafeBase and Telia signed a cooperation agreement, SafeMon technology has created new opportunities for the challenger.

In 2020, Telia signed a major contract with SafeBase for remote monitoring of the base stations. Today, over two thousand installations are in place at the base stations that supply all the country’s nooks and crannies with mobile coverage. New opportunities have also emerged.

“SafeMon is an incredibly flexible platform that is easy to extend when needed. We are well underway with the physical installation of hardware at the base stations. In addition, we have started to further develop the software,” says Brwa Hama, System Manager at Telia.

Flexible technology creates new opportunities

Hama has a long track record in Telia, but first took over the SafeBase project a year ago. In that short time, the cooperation has exceeded all expectations.

“They are extremely knowledgeable in the field of telecoms, which makes my job much easier; I can lean on both SafeBase and my colleagues in Telia,” says Hama.

The starting point for the contract signed in 2020 was for SafeBase to provide remote monitoring of Telia’s base stations. During the rollout, Telia discovered that the technology opened up more possibilities than first thought.

“The combination of the dynamic technology platform and SafeBase’s expertise has allowed us to use the solution for much more than was intended. For example, we have an internal department that is responsible for classified base stations. These stations also need a monitoring tool, but not everyone in your organization shall have access to the data. SafeBase has been very helpful and proposed solutions – and a pilot is now underway to develop the technology.

Telia ser nye muligheter med SafeBase-teknologi i basestasjonene
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Developing a business dashboard

Hama also talks about recently arisen needs. Telia has initially been given an operational dashboard that takes care of the day-to-day operation and maintenance of the base stations. Now, they are looking into the possibility of creating a ‘business dashboard’, which will provide business-relevant information in real time.

SafeBase’s technology helps us collect and analyse data that provides valuable information about equipment performance, uptime, and lifetime. We are now looking at the possibilities of gathering this information in a separate dashboard.”

The ‘business dashboard’ will be very useful for, among other things:

  • avoiding unnecessary travel to the sites.
  • replacing components such as batteries when their lifetime is actually over.
  • planning maintenance better.
  • reducing or eliminating the need for base station downtime during maintenance.

IoT technology is relatively new, and it is exciting for us as Norway’s biggest challenger to use cutting-edge technology together with SafeBase. We are constantly looking for opportunities that can improve our operations, and to give our customers an even better experience,” concludes Hama.

SafeBase would like to thank Telia for a good cooperation and is looking forward to continuing the development together!