SafeMon SensorHub

Our remote terminal unit (RTU) for sensors and instruments – developed in-house and optimized for network- and electrical substations.


Integral to our remote monitoring

SafeMon SensorHub RTU is an integral part of our remote monitoring system. It is part of our SmartSite solution for the telecom industry, as well as our substation monitoring and smart-grid solutions for the energy industry. The unit is mounted inside the station, collecting data from sensors and instruments. With a wide range of wired and wireless interfaces, and automatic detection and connection to a wide range of sensors and instruments, it covers all your needs.

trådløse sensorer

Transmits data every 30 seconds

By default, the SensorHub transmits data via the cellular network to the cloud. It transmits data every 30 seconds, including minimum, maximum and average meter values. For critical events such as open door or short circuit, the data is transmitted immediately.

SafeMon application

The SafeMon SensorHub is communicating with the SafeMon central system, where users can access the information. The technician configures the SensorHub via the web-interface from a phone or tablet, after the device is connected at the substation.

Dame som jobber med avansert nettstasjonsovervåking i SafeMon. Bilde.

Focus on easy installation

A number of steps have been taken to make SafeMon SensorHub as easy to install as possible. Experienced technicians can install and set up a SensorHub in 15-30 minutes.

  • Pre-assembled solutions on rails, for cabinets and new substations.
  • Field support available during installation.
  • App solution for fast and efficient installation.

Technical information

  • ARM Cortex A processor
  • Linux Debian OS
  • 4GB system memory
  • Watchdog
  • UPS – to report power outage
  • Galvanically isolated to withstand stress in harsh environments

Wide variety of inputs and outputs

  • Serial ports: RS485, M-Bus, Bluetooth
  • LAN: Ethernet, Wi-Fi
  • WAN: Female SMA for GSM, UMTS, LTE
  • Inputs: 1 x analog, 3 x digital
  • Outputs: 1 x digital, 30mA@24V
  • Additional inputs, outputs and Ethernet ports can be added using expansion modules

SafeMon SensorHub

SafeMon already supports the following instruments – and we can easily add support for any other instrument you prefer: