SafeMon Telecom

Better Information for a Better Network

With SafeMon Telecom you can monitor all sources of data simultaneously to get real-time supervision and error handling. The information is visualized according to the need of different user groups.

Data fra telenettet

Everything, Everywhere for Everyone

SafeMon Telecom lets everyone in your organization get a full overview and understanding of the current status of the network, wherever they are.

Neverending Evolution

With weekly updates, SafeMon never stops evolving.

In Safe Hands

Separating business critical information from the noise in a high volume data stream takes a special kind of knowledge. Knowledge only experience can give. SafeMon Telecom has evolved over 20 years based on deep domain knowledge.


What does the future bring?

SafeMon Telecom is constantly learning and adapting to discover patterns and trends that can indicate future problems.


Regardless of which system your data is coming from – you will always have access to them through SafeMon Telecom. This way you can access all critical information at one place – enabling great decisions through a complete overview.

(Click any line below to watch SafeMon in action)

  • Drag ‘n drop: Adapt visualization to your taste
  • Create reports: Add comments and mark important findings
  • Dig in: Zoom in to explore details
  • Synchronization: Markers can be synchronized across modules
  • No waiting: Instant loading of graphs and data
  • Adaptive: Set user levels and roles
  • Data integrity: Highlights or corrects potential sources of error