Our philosophy for customer-oriented innovation

To help our customers gain control of and insight into complicated infrastructure, it is essential that the customer’s needs are at the core of our development.

One of our cornerstones for customer adaptations is our domain knowledge. All SafeBase employees have considerable domain expertise, which means that not only will they be able to provide our customers with meaningful insight and advice, they will also understand the problems and opportunities brought to their attention by our customers.

Knowledgeable customers — high domain knowledge

SafeBase is working with extremely knowledgeable customers in the telecom and energy industries, and our employees also have backgrounds from these industries.

“Our customers are extremely knowledgeable about their fields. On our side of the table, we have technologists and engineers who are rock solid when it comes to the processing and utilization of data. When two experts meet and speak the same language, good products and solutions abound,” says CEO Lars Erik Gjervan.

SafeBase has not caught the expansion bug, and this inspires confidence in the market, according to Gjervan.

“We need our customers to have faith in us as a provider. That’s why we do not take any great risks. Customers who choose SafeBase know they are choosing a partner who will be by their side for many, many years to come.”

Balancing new and safe

The name SafeBase may sound boring and a little sedate. A safe, secure base is not the most interesting thing in the world. If you’ve ever tried working somewhere without one, however, you know better. We work hard every day to fill that role for our customers, while also adopting the most recent technologies. Finding the perfect balance of safe and new is our main goal.

“We are a technology company of engineers and technologists, and we all take pleasure in working with technology. As technology enthusiasts, we believe it’s important to have integrity and purpose in our development,” says CEO Lars Erik Gjervan.

“Just because technology makes something possible, doesn’t mean it should be done. For us, technology is an aid in achieving a specific goal, and that goal is always to build a defined and useful product for our customers or to improve the user experience from an existing product.”

Open source means freedom

When Gjervan and his co-founders founded SafeBase, it was a natural choice for them to use exclusively open source products, and to never become dependent on large conglomerates with considerable muscle and major restrictions.

“Because we are free to always choose new and different technologies, we can be agile and flexible. We can always implement the most recent innovations in the market, while retaining control and security.”

By consistently choosing open source technology, SafeBase also knows all of the ins and outs of the system — no choices are random and no snippet of code uncharted territory.

Learning and change as the default

Being in constant development, and even staying one step ahead of the development, can be quite demanding on the staff.

“All SafeBase employees are extremely talented and, not least, willing to adapt and learn. Being open to change requires confidence, and confidence is often a side-effect of expertise. With enough confidence, we know we will be able to achieve the innovations we are going for, even if it’s something that has never been done before,” Gjervan explains.

Security and long-term horizons for staff

Attracting expert technologists and engineers can be challenging. Competition is fierce and the brightest minds have many options. That’s why, in addition to professional opportunities and freedom, the company has always made sure to be sound and stable, and a safe place to work.

“Our goal is profitable growth, in that order. Profitability first, and then growth. We don’t want growth at all costs; instead, we strive to signal that SafeBase is a safe place to work, even in the long term,” says Gjervan. He also points out that continuity in the workforce also means that knowledge of customer deliveries continues to increase.

Safe, secure and sound

Security and predictability is at the core of everything we do at SafeBase, and this is also reflected in our name.

“SafeBase is primarily a reference to our safe data processing. Safety is essential in everything we do. Our systems are reliable, our employees have a safe place to work, and our customers can trust us and the information they get from our systems. All of this has to do with safety, and it’s at the heart of everything we do, every day,” Gjervan concludes.