13. Jan 2021

Meet the telecom team behind Telia’s 5G expansion

Telia is in the process of rolling out its 5G network, which, among other things, will give users faster cellular data speeds and better mobile services. In the AI Village, Simen, Peter, Rolf-Arne and Trond from SafeBase monitor the status of this new network as it is rolled out.

Naturally, we wanted to be a part of this historic development, and SafeBase’s telecom specialists play an important role in Telia’s project. 

When Telia implements new technologies in its network, it’s imperative that the network quality remains as good or better than the old technology from day one. To make sure this is the case, SafeBase collects

  • data measuring perceived quality for users (performance management data)
  • data used to adjust each 5G transmitter to match the unique conditions of its location (configuration data)
  • data indicating the equipment being used (inventory data)

With this data and related analyses and reports in hand, user experiences are constantly monitored and improved.

How the telecom team works

SafeBase collects more than 1 terabyte of data from the cellular network every day. This amount of data is so vast, that it would be impossible for humans to sift through it and find anything meaningful — and with 5G, there will be even more data.

In order to find interesting correlations within the data, SafeBase performs automated analyses where all of the data is seen in context. These results are then presented on a dashboard, where reports can either be examined individually or compiled — making it possible to see the big picture. These reports then form the basis for objective recommendations and feedback to Telia concerning potential improvements.

Specialized and in-depth expertise

Telia has a large team of experts on 5G, delivery quality and cellular networks. It takes considerable expertise to provide meaningful contributions and added value to a team with this level of knowledge. SafeBase’s team has the right blend of in-depth knowledge of infrastructure, telecom networks and telecom deliveries — acquired over many years in the telecom sector.

In addition, SafeBase has specialized competence related to artificial intelligence, machine learning, statistics, databases and data visualization. This unique combination means SafeBase is a key contributor in making sure Telia’s 5G rollout is successful.

The members of the 5G team have different, complementing backgrounds and knowledge.

Simen Henriksveen

Simen came to SafeBase four years ago, after completing his studies at NTNU. He is now the chief architect on our software team and our resident expert on databases and related systems. He loves a challenge and is in his element when he can use technology to solve them! 

Simen is in charge of the day-to-day operation of the systems. With this type of projects there are many balls in the air — both big and small — and Simen is the one who knows what needs doing and by whom. He’s great with balls outside of the AI Village too, as an avid volleyball player.

Peter Petersen

We have yet to experience Peter being stumped for an answer or unable to find a solution to any problem. In fact, we have named our SafeMon product after Peter’s best quality — Fault Finder. Fault Finder searches vast quantities of data to identify faults and problems in the customers’ infrastructure, just like Peter, who is extremely good at finding the cause behind any fault, no matter how obscure. Everyone who works with computer technology knows how invaluable this skill is.

Peter has years of experience from the telecom industry and brings valuable knowledge of domains to this 5G team. In addition to his strong interest in data, he enjoys travelling — exploring both Norwegian and more exotic destinations whenever he can find the time.

Rolf-Arne Myraunet

Rolf-Arne is curious by nature. This is especially useful when we are looking for new opportunities and designing new interfaces. He thrives on constantly learning new things and developing his personal competence and knows the ins and outs of SafeBase’s front-end like the back of his hand. Constantly searching for the best technical solution to a problem is also a central premise in our company philosophy.

In addition, Rolf-Arne is an extremely structured, orderly man, who does not need telling twice when it’s time to implement new integrations. His ability to persevere in the face of a challenge is also reflected in his success as a triathlete. He is the only one in the office to ever finish the Norseman Extreme Triathlon.

Trond Ugelstad

Trond is SafeBase’s most recent addition, and he is something as rare as a software developer who always comes in early! Trond is a dev-ops man to the core, and he is constantly working on solutions for major and minor problems to further optimize our systems. When Trond isn’t designing graphs and simple representations of complex data, he can often be found working toward his goal of completing a marathon in under three hours.