11. Jul 2022

Main sponsor at Smartgridkonferansen 2022

We are proud to be the main sponsor at this year’s smart grid conference – Smartgridkonferansen 2022! We are excited to invite you to our stand, where we’ll launch new technology.

We’ll announce new technology for the energy industry, that contribute to reduce the bottle necks in the grid, and provide several operational advantages.

Do you have any questions, or wish that we prepare a presentation on specific technology? Send us a message and we’ll be ready to meet you!

The conference is held at Scandic Hell next to Værnes airport, 13th and 14th September. We hope to meet you there – in the meantime, explore our applications here:

Substation Monitoring and Control System in accordance with grid company requirements and recommendations. Work smarter than the mandatory minimum, with decision support for extended service life and improved reliability in your distribution network.
Identify problems before they occur and always stay one step ahead. SafeMon Smart Meter Insight maximizes the utility of data and events collected from smart meters in the distribution network.        
Finds the cause behind errors and anomalies in smart meter metrics and calculations. SafeMon Smart Meter Management System monitors all measuring points – and ensures that all meters and communication networks are operational.
Dynamic line rating reduces bottle necks in the power grid by monitoring what the actual transmission capacity is, so that you can transfer more energy without risk.
Remote access on plants and more large technical infrastructure. Proactive operation provides predictability and reduces the need for visits to the site.